Vision/Mission Statement

Carpentry@UiO is the UiO local relay of the international Carpentries organisation.

We are a group of volunteers from the University of Oslo and beyond. With support from the University of Oslo Library, we offer to PhD students, researchers and others at UiO, and beyond:

  • foundational coding and data science skills workshops from Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry
  • Study Group events to dedicated to open and reproducible science, knowledge sharing, re-enforcing learning or discussing new subjects for future workshops/lesson development
  • educational development and networking opportunities with the possibility to become Certified Carpentries instructor and/or Carpentries Instructor Trainer

Our activity and community is open to any member of the UiO community including staff, faculty, and students, paid, and volunteer. We believe the Carpentries’ teaching methods are efficient and can speed up take up toward the adoption of Open Science at UiO.

Check out the Carpentry@UiO Charter.

Who are we?

Carpentry@UiO board (when elected)

Carpentry@UiO instructors


does not differentiate Oslo from other cities (NORWAY only)

Here we should make sure we acknowledge member participation one way or another.

What do we do?

Our primary activity is organizing and teaching hands-on foudnational coding and data science skills workshops using the materials and practices of the Data and Software Carpentry organizations. The club will also provide educational development and networking opportunities for instructors. To maintain transparency, board meeting notes, workshop schedules, and all other club activities will be posted publicly on the web (when possible) at the Carpentries@UiO website.

Code of conduct

We follow the Carpentries’ Code of Conduct to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for our learners and our members. Any violation of our Code of Conduct should be reported to ??? where it will be handled as quickly as possible and will remain confidential.

TODO: reporting guidelines


Carpentry@UiO is open to anyone interested in teaching foundational coding and data science skills outside of the traditional UiO curriculum. All our members abide to the Carpentry@UiO code of conduct.

If you wish to teach or help at upcoming workshops, add your name to the signup sheet.